Welcome to Yunus Emre Vurgun's Portfolio

About Me

I am Yunus Emre Vurgun, a software developer building various applications in various technologies. I create innovative solutions and explore new and old technologies. Has an interest in computer science, hardware, and artificial intelligence.

Major Personal Solo Projects

Panoptic Pen - A Web Ecosystem

Consists of various applications, content, and tools. For example you may use HTML5 generators for text writing analysis, web tools for pinging servers, downloadable code manager or URL analysis tools, read tons of generated topic oriented text content, search things, interact, and many more. Access here.

My Github Open-Source Repositories

I have lots of open-source small-scale projects on my GitHub. Some may have different licenses. Access here.

Major Professional Solo Projects

Industrial-related API Clients & Internal Scripting

Focusing on industrial connectivity via solutions such as KepserverEx, where users can manage different industrial data provided by the data collectors. I also worked on building web-based apps to assist management and data control, and did many scripting tasks to use with industrial apps like HighByte Intelligence Hub

API server for testing data flows (industrial settings)

An application where users generate time-based sessions for testing data flows via connecting to a generated endpoint in the API server, and can configure different parameters of it.

License Management System & Sales Analysis with Visualisations

Designed for internal use, tracking company sales and customer information, meanwhile generating visuals and analysis for the given system. Old versions and similar projects can be found on my GitHub.

University Education

Computer Programming A.S. Degree, Beykoz University, Istanbul (2020-2023)

Information Technology (IT) Bachelor's Degree, Illinois Institute of Technology, Online (2023-...)

Course-based Education

Algebra: Elementary to Advanced - Equations & Inequalities (Coursera) by John Hopkins University

Technologies and Platforms for Artificial Intelligence (Politecnico di Milano)

Introduction to Hardware and Operating Systems (Coursera) by IBM Skills Network

Software Design as an Element of the Software Development Lifecycle (Coursera) by the University of Colorado

Spanish A1.1 (Instituto Cervantes)

Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software (Duke University | Coursera)

Programming Foundations With JavaScript CSS & HTML (Duke University | Coursera)

Data Science Math Skills (Duke University | Coursera)

* During the beginning of my journey (pre-university mostly), I have taken other courses and certificates on various subjects, mostly software-related, consisting mostly of small Udemy courses, and similar quizzes. They are plently in number, but not as much relevant for a professional setting.

Contact Me

Email #1: yunus@yunusemrevurgun.com