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[2024-06-04]  ░ New GitHub project ready  ░
[2024-05-05]  ░ Reddit being a loser and banning every new account  ░ hey folks. Was messing around with Reddit and realized every time I create an account to contribute to a subreddit, either when someone doesnt like your post or it is automatically flagged, your WHOLE account gets banned FOREVER. what a loser move for them to do. I'll continue with Elon's X.
[2024-03-29]  ░ Inside the World of Text-Generation Transformers - AI, Deep Learning  ░
[2024-03-15]  ░ made a new page in panoptic pen. about cryptography algorithms  ░
[2024-03-09]  ░ new video about why LLMs can't replace programmers  ░ if you read my recent blog posts and such you know that I am going full war mode on the view that we can replace coding with full natural language etc. So here is a long video I recorded explaining why it is the case:
[2024-01-11]  ░ change of plans for new artist's album name: it is Whispers of the winter's veil  ░
[2023-12-30]  ░ new artist name / song  ░ hey yall! just released a new album/EP with 2 songs in it and did it under a new artist name "opal skies". the EP's called "Galaxies Unfold" and there are two songs in it: "Galaxies Unfold" and "Stardust Echoes". can be found on all major streaming services! -yunus
[2023-11-28]  ░ YouTube Updates  ░ Hello There! Haven't posted here a while. Wanted to inform you that I am posting many new videos on my youtube channel, mostly programming and computers. Check it out:
[2023-09-03]  ░ panoptic pen updates  ░ been making a lot of improvements on recently. The project is growing bigger and bigger everyday.
[2023-08-13]  ░ New video drop:  ░ 2023-08-13 18:27:54 New video drop: "Ghost of The Panoptic Pen" - New Fun Little Animation Detail in my side project The Panoptic Pen