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[2023-08-06]  ░ URL change for The URL Atlas WHOIS site  ░ has been moved permanently to from now on and .info domain will be used for a blogspot blog.
[2023-08-01]  ░ New University  ░ I got accepted into Illinois Institute of Technology for IT Bachelor's Program. I will be starting my remote studies soon!
[2023-07-19]  ░ new video  ░ JavaScript OOP DOM manipulation video
[2023-07-09]  ░ VIDEO DROP: Building a Python Web App with Flask: Fetching and Displaying XML Data from the U.N. Website in HTML  ░
[2023-07-06]  ░ created an account on instagram threads  ░ so here you go:
[2023-06-26]  ░ Google decided to ruin my project  ░ hey, terrible news! Google decided to ruin my blog @ for somehow "going against community guidelinesssss" . well, good to know! Now I am moving it to a real hosting!
[2023-06-24]  ░ Created The Panoptic Pen blog  ░ created this AI content blog
[2023-06-22]  ░ blogspot blogs  ░ By the way, I have some other blogspot blogs that have AI-gen content and I believe they are quite ok information-wise. and
[2023-06-21]  ░ New video about music. just showing how to play Em7 chord on guitar  ░
[2023-06-21]  ░ Logarithm with Python video  ░ this video was before this board was created but so that it is just a day before, here u go