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The thing I personally like about computer science

The thing I personally like about computer science is that it teaches you how to think. Many people guess it is only about telling computers what to do. It is not the case at all. At the heart of it, it focuses on advanced logic, problem solving and constantly reasoning. It is so broad, that you can actually solve problems unimaginable to some with it, even without using any code at all. Code is the medium between the machines we made and our formulas for the solutions to problems. Many problems in computer science require abstract writings on pen and paper while you are sitting at the park, as much as they require writings with a certain symbolism and syntax. Unfortunately, not everyone in this field understand this reality and they get lost in little things such as tools, frameworks, certain methods to certain solutions. If someone tells you computing is just about telling computers stuff, they don't know anything at all. Run away from them.