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Cognition announced their new AI software engineer

Here we go again with new scams...

I'm Yunus, & I will break the "magic" once again.

Let me explain.

the company named "Cognition" announced their new AI "software engineer" named "Devin" & claimed it is an "artificial software engineer".

So, we don't need programmers anymore! .... right?

people are going CRAZY over this announcement.

Many businessman are cheering for it (fire'em all developers joey! Fire'em now!)

Some naive developers are planning to become farmers out of fear of losing their jobs.

Once again, the TRUTH is completely different.

You see, AI hype is like, posion, just like any other mass marketing & exponential profit opportunity for hungry hungry hippos with no core values.

You'll see MANY well-known people in tech & many other people cheering for "Devin" the AI "engineer",

but the people who are very loud & happy will all be in one of these categories:

'CEO, CTO, Marketer, Manager, Small business owner, content creator, non-software engineering'.

but... why?

Is it because software developers are scared & / or doomed & therefore can't comprehend?


Simple answer to 'why', is the lack of software & discrete mathematics knowledge.

Most people (even some software devs) don't fully know their fundementals of logic, computers, & machine learning.

They don't even know 'why' in most computer-related actions they take everyday.

This lack of fundemental knowledge, combined with greed, creates clickbait headlines everywhere.

Any mentally capable & sane human being with a decent amount of reasoning, mathematics, & fundemental knowledge of computing,

KNOWS that you can NOT magically create a program that automatically solves tons of computing problems for you & makes humans behind it obselete.

If I were to tell you I have a magic horse with a pink tail that shoots happiness into the world, would you believe me?

I hope not.

We have the SAME energy here.

Starting from way before I was born till today, people don't want to hire software develolers, because they see it as a burden.

This creates a cloud of false hope above their heads & blinds them.

Every time a new Microsoft Excel comes out, people get prepared to fire developers once & for all, only to end up hiring more.

Is this time any different?


Think of it this way, it is evident that MOST software development jobs will become obselete rather quicker than expected. These jobs include repetitive boilerplate design, easy to find patterns and, lack of reasoning.

Do you still hire developers who can only write a boilerplate HTML template?

I hope you don't.

You will stop needing people for many more entry-level tasks. Not just in tech.

So, is "Devin" the magical bot special?

Let me ask you, are terrible products that sell hope only to find more funding any special than regular scams?

The "amazing Devin" currently seems to be a container with calls to ChatGPT-like models, & runs random code in a computer shell.

AutoGPT being marketed as something new.

Total trash.
Wed. Mar. 13 2024 | Yunus Emre Vurgun